Your Teen’s First Car – New or Used?

Your Teen’s First Car – New or Used?
When it comes to choosing a first car for your teenage son or daughter, it’s tempting to follow your initial instinct to spend as little as possible on something older but “good enough” for them as a first vehicle. It’s pretty good advice in many ways --- you can save money, and even if something goes wrong with it, it’s no great loss, right? We are here today to challenge this way of thinking and make the case for considering a new car instead.

Now, don’t get us wrong --- a used car nowadays is a viable option, but we want to at least make the case for parents loosening the purse strings a little more and getting something of a superior quality for their teen’s first car. Here are the reasons why:

1. Safety Features
While you are thinking about saving money, have you forgotten safety? You should at least consider a new or pre-owned vehicle with the latest safety technology installed. A typical sedan now will include features like lane departure warning, blind spot monitor, rear-view camera, multiple air bags, automatic emergency braking, and even pre-emptive features that can anticipate dangerous situations and help the driver correct accordingly.

2. New Doesn’t Mean Expensive
Car brands are now producing models to suit all kinds of different driver needs, and at your local dealership you can see everything that’s on offer, and the range includes differing price levels. You can get a safe, reliable and affordable compact car for your teen that won’t break the bank, and the dealership can even help you secure a great financing deal that will help you spread costs.

3. Teen-Parent Features
Besides safety and a more affordable price than you imagine, the modern age of cars is what the parents of the 1980s and 90s could only dream about. When you buy new, you get great high-tech features designed specifically to protect young drivers, like GPS location, speed monitoring, stronger reminders to drive safely and responsibly. It’s now possible to know how your teen drives and build that into your own family reward/penalty system in a way never before thought possible.

4. Better Warranty Terms
Finally, you’ll get far better terms on any warranty when you opt for a new model or lease for your teen instead of something much older. A comprehensive warranty makes for greater piece of mind for you in the long run.

Don’t just assume that an old banger is what’s best for your teen. Head to your local dealership and see what kind of great deals you can get on a newer, safer and more reliable model.

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