Add these puzzles and riddle books to your kids' Easter Baskets this year!

Soon, the Easter Bunny will be making his rounds filling children's Easter Baskets with tasty treats.  In addition to candy, consider giving your kids some puzzles and games as well.  I recently received the following products from Banana Panda to try out in exchange for an honest review.  You can visit the Store Locator on the Banana Panda website to find a store that carries these products near you.  They can also be purchased on Amazon.  

First, we have the Suuuper Size Puzzle Alphabet Train.  Recommended for children ages 3+ (it contains small parts so it isn't suitable for children under 3), this puzzle makes learning the alphabet fun for your little ones.  This is 52 piece extra long puzzle (it's 137.5" long when put together) is great for introducing kids to the wonderful world of letters.  Jump on board one of the longest puzzle trains!  The conductor is an astronaut and each of the 25 train cars carries amazing passengers and incredible cargo.  The detailed, funny illustrations will encourage your kids to learn the alphabet and discover new words.  Each train car contains at least one animal or object whose name starts with the letter that is specified on that car.  As kids arrange and assemble the large puzzle pieces, they will learn perception and concentration.  It also promotes hand-eye coordination.  The jumbo puzzle pieces measure roughly 6"x2.5" and are made of high quality, thick cardboard.  They're perfect for little hands to pick up and maneuver.  It comes in a keepsake box that has a handle, making it a great gift.  Choo!  Choo!  All aboard! 

Next up is the Looong Puzzle Safari.  This puzzle is recommended for ages 3+ (it contains small parts so it isn't suitable for children under 3) and will introduce your kids to the savanna and its inhabitants.  Your children can explore the wide open spaces of the savanna with the meerkat, zebra and a little monkey.  As they put this long puzzle together (it's 38.5" long when completed), they will see a baby elephant, hippo and crocodile trying to stay cool under the warm summer sun.  This jigsaw puzzle has 40 colorful pieces that are made of thick, sturdy cardboard.  Each puzzle piece measures roughly 4"x3", which makes them the perfect size for little hands.  As they complete the extra long, panoramic puzzle, the vibrant, detailed artwork will be revealed.  There are plenty of exotic animals for your kids to find.  Assembling this puzzle will help develop your childrens' perception, concentration, hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.  It comes in a handy keepsake box with a sturdy handle, making it a great gift!

Next is the Figure It Out Puzzles Vehicles in Action.  Recommended for ages 3+ (it contains small parts, so it isn't suitable for children under 3), this is four puzzles in one box.  Each puzzle gets progressively bigger, allowing your kids to improve their skills gradually.  When your cat is stuck up a tree or there's a hole in the road, you need help!  And these vehicles are ready to come to your aid.  It's a perfect gift for little fans of action vehicles featuring four progressive puzzles.  One has 9 pieces, one has 12 pieces, one has 15 pieces and one has 35 pieces.  There are also eight figures included that will enable children to create their own stories and play in a variety of ways.  Sorting and assembling the thick, high quality cardboard pieces into the four different puzzles will train perception and concentration, improve manual dexterity and foster curiosity and imagination.  The handy box that it comes in has a practical handle and makes it a great gift.

And finally we have the Peek-A Boo Riddles.  I received the one for age 3 Advanced, but there are others.  One is for age 3 Beginner, one for age 4+ and one for age 5+.  This is a collection of educational books containing rhymed riddles in a unique presentation.  Illustrated fragments of the answers to the riddles are visible through a special viewing window, making guessing great fun!  The books for 4+ and 5+ year olds feature additional fun facts and activities for curious preschoolers.  Each book has 80 pages and is bound with a rivet.  The box is pocket size and travel friendly, making it perfect for on the go fun.  The riddles will engage your children's senses and support language learning.  They will help expand and reinforce knowledge and vocabulary and will also awaken curiosity and imagination.  Parents and children can learn about the world together in a funny and enjoyable way.

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