Do you believe in Fairies and Unicorns?

I received these products from Master Replicas in exchange for an honest review.  Are you looking for something unusual and unique to give someone special this Easter?  Well, you can find replicas of many different kinds from Master Replicas.  From dinosaur fossils to practical joke items, they have a wide selection of items.  You can browse their site to see what they have to offer.  

Do you believe in fairies?  Or unicorns?  They're creatures from fantasy that are rarely, if ever, seen.  And for those who claim to have seen them... well, they are usually laughed at, ridiculed and accused of lying.  But what if they're telling the truth?  There's no proof that fairies and unicorns exist.  But what if you could show people irrefutable evidence that they do exist, or at least existed at one time?  The products below are sculptures crafted by skilled artists.  But if they were real they could be just the thing to prove the existence of fairies and unicorns.  And who knows?  Perhaps the artists took their inspiration for these works of art from something real that is being kept hidden from the rest of us because so few believe...  

This Fossilized Fairy is intricately crafted in high detail.  It has a regular price of $34.95 but is currently on sale for $24.99.  But if this were a real fossil, it would be priceless.  This isn't just a collectible, it can also be used as a garden accessory.  You can tell your friends that it is a legitimate fossil and watch them examine it with fascinated confusion and curiosity.  Note the wings, the hands, legs and head.  It appears to be holding on to the stem of a 4 leaf clover.  It is certainly a beautiful piece! 

A fairy is a mythical, legendary creature in European folklore.  it's often described as metaphysical, supernatural or preternatural.  They are human in appearance and have magical powers.  They have been spoken of for centuries, and are said to range from quite tiny to the size of a child.  Their size could be the temporary result of magic because it is said that some fairies could pose as a human.  They were most often described as dressed in dark gray clothing, and sometimes they were said to wear armor.  They sometimes wore shoes, sometimes were barefoot.  In folklore it is rarely said that fairies had wings...they flew by magic, perched on ragwort stems or on the backs of birds instead.  Modern illustrations often depict dragonfly or butterfly wings.                 

This Fossilized Fairy was scuplted by a very talented artisan named Martin Reph in Pennsylvania, USA.  It is made of highly durable Smooth On Resin for the best quality piece.  Each piece is hand painted using metallic acrylics and enamels to enhance the magical appearance.  It also comes with a certificate of authenticity.  

This Unicorn Horn has extremely detailed swirls all along the length as is depicted in numerous illustrations of unicorns through out history.  The regular price of this sculpture is $49.95 but it is currently on sale for $39.95.  This is a must have for any unicorn lover.

The majestic Unicorn Horn is an icon of mythic might.  It is revered in both classical texts and fairytales dating back hundreds of years.  This horn juts from the heads of the fabled unicorns of legend and is said to have magical properties.  It has always been sought after, but rarely obtained because, according to legend, unicorns cannot be captured alive.  A symbol of innocence and purity, it has captured our imaginations and delighted fantasy fans for generations.  Now this beautiful replica of an arcane artifact is being offered to collectors of all ages.

This Unicorn Horn is molded in Smooth On bone color tinted resin with wisps of magical, color changing, pearlescent blue and silver.  It is presented on a faux stone display base with an engraved name plate with a hammered metal finish.  It measures over 19" high including the non removable base.  It was sculpted by artists Martin Reph and Al Landron in Pennsylvania, USA.  Due to the fact that these are hand made, no two pieced will be exactly the same.  The finish will vary slightly between pieces.  It comes with a certificate of authenticity.  

Both of these replicas make excellent gifts, so consider giving them to a fantasy lover (or a believer) for Easter.  They are beautiful pieces to have on display.  But you may find yourself staring at them and wondering if they truly are simply sculptures, or perhaps proof that fairies and unicorns exist.  Are you a believer?

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