5 Must Haves For Baby's Nursery

What kinds of nursery furniture do you need for your baby?  From baby beds to changing tables, there are some must haves.
1. Baby Cribs

Of course , your baby needs a crib, but what kind will you buy?    There are so many baby crib on the market today.  From a basic crib to convertible beds, you have so many choices. Depending on your budget and how fancy you wan tit to be, you have to be practical, especially if this is your first child and you want the furniture for the next child you may have.

I have always wanted one of the round baby beds.  You can get to the baby from all angles and it seems like it would be easier to see the baby in a round bed. 

2. Changing tables

 This was a must have for me.  Using the same criteria of the baby bed, it all depends on your budget.  I always preferred having a changing table because it was so easy to pick baby up out of bed and move directly to changing table.  Whether you were just changing a diaper or changing clothes, it is so easy to do it all on that changing table.  Then there is more time for snuggles with the baby.

3. Dresser

Having a place to store all of your baby's clothing is very importatnt.  You want something sturdy and one that will last. You will be opening those drawers a lot.  I used my baby's dresser all the way up into their teens, because I chose to get a well made and durable dresser.

4. Rocking chair

I think a rocking chair in a nursery is the best investment you can make.  If baby is fussy, you can rock him.   Once baby gets older, the rocking chair can be part of your household furniture.  So, make sure you purchase one that will last a long time.  I know this was one piece of furniture that stood the test of time.  It can also be passed down from you to your grandchildren.

5.  Bassinet

Having a bassinet was a must have for me.  I wanted my baby close to me and it is easy to put a bassinet near  my bed, so I could easily put my baby to sleep or pick them up and feed them.

There are so many more itmes you need for your baby's nursery, but these are my basics for any nursery. KidslandUSA has it all.

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