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I received these products from Heebie Jeebies for review.  Heebie Jeebies is a wholesale company that loves to create fun things for both big and little inquisitive minds.  They design and develop many of their own products as well as sourcing the latest exciting products from around the world.  They wholesale toys and gifts to museums, department stores and independent stores throughout the United States and Canada as well as distributing in other countries.  

Ferromagnetic Fluid is a great way to visually see the invisible magnetic fields that are all around is in our everyday lives!  What exactly is it, you ask?  Ferromagnetic fields or magnetic liquids contain nanoscale particles of a magnetic substance inside of a liquid.  When a magnet comes close by, the tiny particles align to the magnetic fields.  This ferromagnetic fluid kit allows kids (or adults, scientific inquiry has no upper age limit!) to make their own ferrofluid and experiment with it.

The ferromagnetic fluid kit contains a packet of magnetic nanoparticles, plus a magnet and a test tube.  To make the fluid, simply add the packet to the test tube with some water. Put the top on and you’re ready to see the ferromagnets in action!  The miniscule magnets dance around in the fluid and follow wherever the magnet goes!  Drag them up and down the tube or get the magnet up close, then watch what happens as you pull it away – it’s mesmerising!  

This kit is intended for kids ages 14+.  Keep out of the reach of younger children and pets.  Children should always be under supervision around magnets since they can cause injury if swallowed.  The ferromagnetic fluid kit is a fascinating gift for kids with curious minds and makes an excellent choice for a birthday, Christmas or Easter present for your older kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces!

The Liquifly Fizz Rocketis powered by vinegar and bicarbonate soda (baking soda).  With the explosive power of baking soda and vinegar, you can launch your very own mini rocket into the air in an exciting, repeatable experiment!

It works like this:  a deflating balloon demonstrates basic rocket science - gas enclosed in a chamber being allowed to escape through a small opening at one end.  Gas flow creates thrust that propels the balloon in the opposite direction (Newton's third law - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).

The same applies for baking soda and vinegar powered rockets!  The chemical reaction causes a build up of carbon dioxide, which exits the base of the rocket, causing the thrust to occur and the rocket to propel forwards!
To launch, add 1 full scoop of bicarb soda (using the smallest included scoop) into the rocket base.  Next, add 1 full scoop of vinegar (using the large included scoop) into the rocket.  Hold both pieces at 45° (make sure the vinegar and baking soda mix doesn't spill out) and clip the rocket to the launching stand.  Set the rocket down in an open space and stand clear for lift off!
You'll need to provide the vinegar and baking soda because it is not included.  Make sure that you only use the Liquifly Fizz Rocket outdoors, it isn't recommended for indoor use.

The rocket you receive will be either purple or orange (chosen at random).  Contains small parts, so adult supervision is required for children under 14 years of age.

These Petri Crystal Growing Kits include everything your young scientist needs to learn about forming crystalline solids!  Choose your preferred kit (Pharaoh Gems or Dino Jewels) and begin to discover how crystals are formed.  Watch as your plastic mold becomes encrusted with crystals!

Each kit contains 2 simple stages for making a crystal seed and growing the subsequent crystals, along with information on crystal nucleation!  The Pharaoh Gems Crystal Growing Kit has a Scarab shaped mold and the Dino Jewels Crystal Growing Kit has a T-Rex Skull shaped mold.

Each kit contains 1 mixer stick, 1 gypsum sachet, 2 alum sachets, step by step instructions and 1 shaped mold.  Recommended for ages 8 and up (6 years with assistance).

Take bath time up a notch with this cool Fizz n Hatch Bath Bomb - a golden egg that hatches and leaves you with a fun toy to play with!  Place this golden egg bath bomb into water, watch it fizz away then find the surprise animal inside!  Which animal will you get?  A penguin, a duck, a frog, a whale, a seal, a starfish or a turtle?  You'll just have to wait for it to fizz away to find out!  Recommended for ages 7+ (small parts present a choking risk for younger children).  This is a fun way for your child to learn about chemistry and acid base reactions.

Just add water to these Water Marbles and watch them grow!  These ultra sensory polymer balls absorb and expand 100x their size in water.  Comes in a reusable test tube.  Kids are fascinated by how much these tiny little balls expand as they soak up the water.

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