Get the kids out of the house with these toys!

I was given these products by Wicked to review.  With the everyone staying home right now, it's more important than ever to get the kids out of the house for some exercise.  These toys will do the trick!  

Sky Rider Air Square Long Range Flying Square is the uniquely shaped Air Square!  With its precision weighted design, the Air Square flies incredible distances with a smooth, stable flight path.  Catch with ease thanks to the soft rubberized corners that make the Air Square look amazing as it flies through the air!
The Indoor Booma is the best indoor boomerang in the world!  The Indoor Booma is made of soft, safe foam, so it won't cause any damage.  This isn't just any foam though, it's our specially engineered 'memorang' foam, which can be 'tuned' for different flight paths.  It's perfect for throwing around larger rooms or even in the garden (as long as it's not too windy!).  When thrown as instructed, it will fly 4-6 metres and return to the spot - guaranteed!

The Mega Jump Single Jump Rope lets you jump like a pro!  Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced level jump roper, super smooth rotation is key, that's why Mega Jump has high quality ball bearing axles for super silky smooth spins.  Of course, the rope first needs to be the correct length for the jumper so we've made it super easy to adjust the length to suit each person, thanks to our specially designed rope release mechanism.  Just take off the cap, remove the clip and cut the rope to size, it's that simple!  From basic tricks like The X, to advanced ones like TJ, the great features of Mega Jump will help you become a jump roper in no time!

This is the Mega Bounce XTR Super High Bounce Ball.  A team of Wicked scientists worked day and night experimenting with all kinds of crazy materials to create the world’s bounciest high bounce ball, the Mega Bounce XTR!  Drop it onto a hard surface and it’ll bounce 85% of its original height!  A basketball manages a measly 56%! Throw it down hard and watch it soar way higher than a 2 story really is MEGA!

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