Soft and made for cuddling

I received these products from Elly Lu Organics for review.   Elly Lu creates storybooks that teach emotional awareness, inclusion awareness and STEM to children ages 3 and up.  They take the characters from their books and turn them into plush toys made from organic and sustainable materials.  Each toy comes with a hang tag booklet that includes information about the product and information about the character.  They chose to create a line of endangered and marine stuffed animals to educate children about their importance.  They are a team of parents and credentialed teachers who designed their toys to encourage learning through playtime.  Their hope is that by growing up with a narwhal, Bengal tiger or Borneo elephant, a child's curiosity will be sparked about the animal and the world we all share!  All of their stuffed animals are ethically made in Sri Lanka with an outer shell made of 100% organically grown cotton.

Gemma the Giraffe ($29):  Meet Gemma the Giraffe!  She has a beige body with orange spots.  If you look closely, you'll notice many of her spots are heart-shaped.  She is made with organically grown cotton fabrics and filled with recycled polyfill made from recycled water bottles. All outer fabrics are dyed with non-toxic dyes and are OCS certified.  AT 15", perfectly sized for cuddling.


Ella the Mermaid ($29):  Meet Ella!  Ella lives off the sunny coast of California.  She loves studying music, dance, and language arts.  She spends her free time playing the ukulele and singing songs for her ocean animal friends.  Ella wears a starfish in her hair and is absolutely beautiful.  She is approximately 15 inches long and made of 100% organically grown cotton fabrics.  The outer fabric is dyed with non toxic dyes.  She is filled with natural corn fiber.


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