Your kids will love these games!

I received these products from Goliath Games for review.

Rolit ($19.78):  Rolit is an easy to learn strategy game that’s fun for the whole family.  The aim of the game is to capture your opponent’s Rolit balls and turn the balls to make them your color.  The player with the most Rolit balls of their color wins!  This Award winning game from Holland is so easy to learn.  Capture the most balls and turn them to your color to win the game.  The high quality components have vibrant colors and the game can change dramatically in just one turn!  This is a 2-4 player game that is recommended for ages 7 and up.  The game contains 1 Game Board, 64 Rolit Balls and Complete Instructions.  It can be purchased online from Walmart and Amazon.

Boomtrix - Multiball ($22.97):  Challenge the laws of gravity with Boomtrix!  Set up a wild course of launchers, trampolines and obstacles to bounce the metal balls all the way to the goal.  Boomtrix improves fine motor skills, planning skills, and imagination as kids create their own path – the possibilities are endless!  The launcher can release up to 15 balls at once!  The Multiball set is the ultimate assortment of fun!  This is a fun, active toy that helps kids with concentration and fine motor skills.  It develops skills in logical problem solving.  It's a great STEM product because kids get to engineer their own chain reactions for infinite imaginative play.  It's perfect for 1 or more players, ages 8 and up.  Boomtrix - Multiball contains 1 Ramp Tower, 5 Trampolines, 3 Trampoline Curves, 1 Stunt Ring, 3 Stunt Walls, 1 Flapping Goal, 8 Metal Balls and Complete Instructions.  It's available online from Walmart and Amazon.

Mad Dog ($21.99):  Steal his bones, if you dare!  Spin the spinner to see the color and amount of dog bones to steal from Mad Dog.  Carefully take the bones from his bowl as he sleeps – listen for his snores, and don’t wake him up!  If you get caught, he’ll get MAD and jump up and bark at you!  The player who woke him up is out of the game.  Play continues until one player remains and wins the game!  This is a 2 player game that is recommended for ages 4 and up.  Mad Dog contains 1 Mad Dog, 1 Dog Bowl, 1 Pair of Puppy Tweezers, 1 Spinner, 32 Colored Bones and Complete Instructions.  It can be purchased online from Walmart and Amazon.

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