Get Creative with Pix Brix!

These products that I received from Pix Brix for review will give your kids a new way to express their creativity.  Create stunning masterpieces with these little building blocks.  And the possibilities are endless because Pix Brix are compatible with all major bricks brands! 

The 1500 piece Mixed Color Series boxes are the perfect starters for all new Pix Brix artists.  There are 3 different color varieties for you to choose from - Dark, Medium and Light.  Each set has a retail price of $14.95.  Each color series comes with an assorted amount of colored bricks in the following colors:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Beige, Brown and Gray.  The Dark Series comes with 11 assorted dark colors and is the only mixed series that comes with Black.  The Medium Series comes with 10 assorted medium colors and does not include White or Black.  The Light Series comes with 11 assorted light colors and is the only mixed series that includes white.  If you purchase all 3 mixed series boxes, you can start pixelating with the full 32 color palette.  

You can create your own designs, but there is also a free Photo Pixelator on their website that will let you upload any photo of your choice and it will create a design template for it so you can create a Pix Brix version of it.  There is also an app that you can download, if you prefer.

There is also an official Pix Brix Tool that makes it much easier to build and take apart your creations.  It has a retail price of $4.95.  The PB Tool has 3 functions for adding and removing Pix Brix.  The tip of the tool can be used to pick up and insert bricks together, giving you the feeling of coloring with Pix Brix.  You can also use this tip to push bricks out in specific spots to create 2D builds.

The tool comes with a removable wedge piece inserted in the tip.  This wedge piece can be used to separate layers of builds by pushing it into small openings or corners.

And finally, the top of the tool gives you leverage for removing layers of bricks.  Just connect the top of the tool with the brick you want to remove and tilt the tool back.  The brick will lift up and separate from the layer.

Your kids will love Pix Brix, and you will find yourself enjoying them as well.  It's a perfect activity for rainy days when going outside isn't an option.  And the whole family can get involved!  Create a family masterpiece!

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