Gifts Mom Will Love

Give Mom the best gifts for Mother's day!  We have so many gifts to offer.  Make sure to come back to this post, as we are updating it daily!
Let me introduce you to the most unique and earth-friendly mother day gift idea every mother would surely appreciate! A high-quality reusable bag that can match any fashion design clothes you wear and a perfect solution to plastic bags! Lighter than a lipstick, stronger than a suitcase. (

A perfect go-to bag with unique designs to fit your everyday style. From a grocery shopper bag, traveling bag, beach bag or just an everyday tote, the Envirosax can fit all. Made from lightweight polyester, the bags are designed to hold more than 44lbs. It's completely water-resistant and folds to 2", just the perfect size to fit any bag you have. 

With a wide range of designs and prints, these bags can sure be a head-turner. Another factor that makes these bags unique is that they are printed using eco-friendly dyes and printing methods. Super strong fabric material that can be washed even with hot water. 

PowerButton™ Jewelry, the first product in my PowerButton™ product line.  This interactive PowerButton necklace is a personal power button for anyone wearing it.

This powerful and timely gift for Mother’s Day, any special occasion, or no occasion at all is for anyone experiencing challenges, in need of support or is reminder you have power unlike anyone else on Earth.  When we’ve lost power, isn’t now the perfect time to rediscover it.  An interactive and earthy design features a black tourmaline stone, encased in sterling silver and inscribed with POWER, which can be pressed or rolled.  With skin to stone contact, black tourmaline is an energetic stone which becomes electrically charged simply by touching it.  Absorb the power of the black tourmaline to bring calm, clarity, and positivity to your life.  Buy it HERE

You know these days more than ever, it’s important for moms and their children to be in contact and a ROKiT iO Pro 3D phone is a great gift option. If you’re unfamiliar with ROKiT Phones, our smartphones feature glasses-free 3D, as well as a number of other services and benefits including ROKiT Talk free for six months - an international Wi-Fi calling app that gives moms the ability to call both mobile and landlines for free to any number in the U.S. and 60 different countries. What makes ROKiT Talk different from its competitors is that it can be used to connect to landlines and not just mobile phones. Additionally, the ROKiT Phone arrives with free Telemedicine for six months so mom can connect with a doctor from the comfort of her own hone, no worrying about going out to a busy doctor’s office, hospital or urgent care and if mom needs a prescription, it can be sent directly to the pharmacy of her choice with up to 80% in savings.

ROKiT iO Pro 3D, $149.99 at Amazon 
The Pro 3D is our full-throttle, heavyweight champion for the tech-savvy user who wants all the bells and whistles and then some. This unlocked 3D smartphone includes 64GB memory, expandable with 256GB memory card, a dual rear camera, 4G, Octa-core, dual-SIM, fingerprint sensor and amazing glasses-free 3D.

 Gold Medal Wine Club  is a great fit for our Mother’s Day gift guideThis wine ships directly to her doorstep! Plus both clubs are shipped directly to her doorstep. Here's a quick write up on the clubs: Gold Medal Wine Club was started  in 1992, and 28 years later they are one of the oldest and most respected wine clubs in the country. Plus, they are the longest-running, same-ownership in the US! Wine clubs have flooded the market recently but unlike the majority of them out there, they never feature bulk wines, private label wines or wines with fake brand names. So each and every box received features small-production wines from 100% authentic, boutique, family-owned wineries. They have 6 different wine club options to choose from, but also have a number of Wine Gift Sets that are perfect one-time gifts. We have a variety of wine and chocolate combos, wine and gourmet foods, champagne and chocolate, a 'wine spa day' package, and more! You can see the full selection here:

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