Snus: An Alternative to Smoking

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Have you heard of snus?  It is pronounced "snoose" and rhymes with "loose". Snus is a smokeless tobacco product from Sweden.  You place it under your top lip. It comes in flavors like mint and wintergreen. It is not burned like cigarettes, so you are not inhaling t any smoke in your lungs.

Snus is a moist tobacco pouch and is regarded as an alternative to smoking.  The use of cigarettes has become unacceptable in many social circles and cities and municipalties.  No one wants to be around cigarette smoke, so snus is an alternative.  You don't have to leave the pary or social event so you can go grab a cigarette and smoke.  You can just pop a snus pouch in your mouth discreetly and continue on with the party or event.

There are many flavors of snus.  You can get flavors such as mint, wintergreen and a variety of mellow flavors.  The is a snus flavor for you. Most snus users I know prefer the mint or wintergreen.

Snus does not leave a smell in your house or car like cigarettes.  There is zero smoke and therefore, zero smell or odor that lingers.  If you are using snus, it is not affecting those around you with unwanted smoke from cigarettes.

If you have been searching for a tobacco alternative, you should give snus a try.  In fact, I know many people that have quit smoking tobacco and use snus exclusvely.   You still get the flavor and nicotine from snus without all the icky smell and smoke of traditional cigarettes.

Snus is readily available and can usually be purchased the same place you buy cigarettes.  So, if you are ready to stop smoking, snus is definitely an alternative. You do not have to have a lighter or matches on you at all times, all you need is your prefrred snus pouches.

Do you know someone who has quit smoking by using snus?  Let me know in the comments!

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