Personalize your T-Shirt with Chalk of the Town!

I received this product from Chalk of the Town for review and I'm really excited about it!  These T-Shirts were invented to be decorated with bright, precise chalk markers.  It lets you create new designs every time you wear it!

Chalk of the Town is available in both kids and adult sizes, so they're not just for kids.  Let's face it, we adults like cool shirts too!  You can get a short sleeve kit for kids that comes with a shirt and 3 chalk markers for $29.95.  Kits in adult sizes is just slightly more.  You can also choose long sleeve kits, stencils & markers, Tote & Patch Kits and single T-shirts.  Each shirt, patch and tote features a chalk board panel that you can really write on.  You can choose the shape of the chalk board, the designs available are speech bubble, heart and unicorn.  T-Shirt colors include Raspberry, Purple, Brilliant Blue and Lime Green.  

You get to decide how you want to decorate your shirt!  You can draw a picture or write a message.  Whatever you choose!  You can decorate your shirt for holidays or special occasions, or just in every day designs.  Tired of your design and want to change it up?  Just erase it and start over again!  The possibilities are endless.  You can create matching shirts with family members and friends, or be totally unique! 

I love these shirts, and I love that they allow my children to express their creativity.  And they love being able to decorate their shirts in any way that they choose.  And people always notice these shirts and comment on how cool they are.  So pick up some for your family!  Your kids will love them!  And you can accessorize with the patch kit and the tote kits!

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