Add lights to your creations with E-Blox

I was lucky enough to receive a starter set from E-Blox for review, and my kids are creating some awesome masterpieces that really light up!  E-Blox are compatible with other toy bricks sets, so you can build with your existing bricks and use the E-Blox to light your creations up.

The E-Blox Power Blox Light Up 3D Starter Kit has a retail price of $32.99 and comes with everything you need to get started except a 9V battery to power it and a small screwdriver to install the battery.  You can even download build instructions from the website, or look up instruction videos online that will walk you through several creations, like the simple robot (they call it an alien in the video), the heart and the light tower.  This is recommended for age 8+, but slightly younger children will also enjoy it with proper supervision.  It's not for ages 3 and under due to the choking hazard of the small pieces.


As you can see, the video walks you through each step to building the cute little guy that is pictured on the front of the box.  It shows you how to insert the battery into the E-Blox battery box and testing to see if it works.  It goes on with the complete instructions on assembling the alien (or robot) and even gives trouble shooting tips and suggestions.  It's very easy to follow.

The Starter Kit comes with 25 Power Blox pieces, in different sizes, that can be used to create the designs on the back of the box, or use your imagination and design your own creations.  There are different colors of light bricks too (blue, green and red), which I thought was cool.  You can purchase additional E-Blox sets and combine them to create a bigger masterpiece.  Or combine them with your existing building bricks and the possibilities are endless!  Create buildings, vehicles, robots and more!  Imagine the joy on your child's face when they see their creation light up!

You won't find this Patented Technology in any other toy brick set.  It will stimulate young minds with creativity, imagination and science, making it a great addition to any STEAM curriculum.  There are no wires, you build the circuits directly into your projects as you light up the 3D circuits with the unique power block.  You'll love using your imagination to create awesome structures, combining other toy bricks with your E-Blox to enhance and bring lights to every creation you can come up with.

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