Online music/singing lessons are convenient, productive and fun!

Now you can learn to play an instrument or take music lessons online in the comfort of your home when you enroll with ProInHome.  You will connect with a teacher for each lesson via ZOOM.  Their teachers are knowledgeable and make you feel completely at ease as they conduct their lessons.  They teach all ages and levels of experience, and offer courses that you can choose from, like guitar, piano, saxophone and singing.  They also have very affordable lesson rates:  $30 for a 30 minute lesson or $50 for a 60 minute lesson once per week.  You can also get two 30 minute lessons per week for $25 per lesson.  I was lucky enough to try out their singing lessons in exchange for this review. 

A typical singing lesson begins with warm up exercises to loosen up your voice.  You also learn how to get different effects when you're singing by the way you hold your mouth and you learn proper breathing.  A really cool thing that I liked was the teacher asks what music you are interested in and builds your lessons around that.  So you won't have to sing a song you hate!  After a single lesson, you will most likely be able to hear a difference in your singing, I know I could!

Along with your lessons, you will be given access to the online student portal where you can see any study material or lesson assignments that your teacher adds there.  If you ever have any questions or need help with something, your teacher is just an email away.  My teacher was very responsive to emails and very helpful.  

Since the lessons are conducted completely online, you will be in the safety of your own home.  No worries about distancing, no need to wear a mask.  Yet it is still a one on one lesson with your teacher.  They even give you the chance to show off everything you learn by holding online recitals!  Isn't that great?  So check out ProInHome today!  Sign up for a trial lesson and see how you like it!

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