Shopping Hacks and Tips at Columbia using Slickdeals

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Are you a fan of all the things you can buy from Columbia?  I know I am.  My family has a lot of items from Columbia.  The brand is great, their items are durable and they have sizes to fit my whole family.  I have purchased clothing, shoes, home goods, and always been pleased with my purchases.
Last year, I got an insane deal on the half-zip pullover fleece at Columbia.  I bought every color and size that was right for my family and friends as a gift!  This deal was so insane that as birthdays came, I was able to take that particular half zip fleece and get that person's monogram on it.  Personalized gifts show so much thought and everyone loved having their own fleece with their monogram.  When you can buy things at such a steep discount you can afford to put a little extra in it, like the monogram, to make a special gift!  No one knows you did not pay the full price.
 But, I am always looking for a discount on the items my family requests.  I don't mind paying for quality brands but if I can get a discount, I am always up for that! People are amazed when I tell them what I paid for these name brand items for my family.  And, it's a great way to stock up on gifts. I am going to discuss ways you can save while purchasing items from just about any retailer's website.
I always subscribe to emails at retailers' websites.  They will often reward you with money off your first purchase or a percentage off your purchase.  This also sets you up to get those emails when they are having a special sale.  I recently signed up for an email and scored $5 off my first purchase and was able to score a dress for myself for $5 shipped.  Huge savings on that deal!  So, make sure you subscribe to your fave retailers' emails.
Coupon Codes
If you follow Slickdeals, like I do, then you know you can get all the latest coupon codes.  Whether the code is for free shipping or a percentage off, you can always score a deal when you follow Slickdeals.  I  am constantly checking their website for coupon codes.
Buy in the offseason
Right now, I am buying winter clothing, shoes, blankets, even Christmas decor.  Why?  Because this time of year(summer) is when all the winter markdowns are going on and they are trying to get ready to put out new stock for NEW fall and winter items.  They are eager to get rid of last year's stock, so their savings is huge!  I was able to buy Christmas ornaments for 90% off recently.  I had been eyeing this Christmas keepsake ornament, but there was no way I was paying full price.  So being able to buy it for 90% off was a steal.  This is how I shop, folks.

Follow Slickdeals and you will be able to get the same deals that I do.  Whether it be for my favorite brand, Columbia, or any brand, Slickdeals has all the coupon codes, all the free shipping offers and  all the info on the items you buy for your family. 


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