All Aboard! This Year's Must Have Train Set

There is nothing as exciting as receiving a train set for Christmas!  This year get your child the Walthers WiFly Express Train Set! 

Looking for a fun interactive gift for this holiday season? Look no further than the Walthers WiFlyer Express Train Set! This kit is a great way to engage the whole family in a project that marries engineering, creativity, and technology!

The starter set from Walthers Trainline allows you to take the right track into the future! The train operates using WIFI enabled devices such as a phone or tablet. This product comes with easy setup and instant realism with the use of a Power-Loc Track. This also includes a colorful GP15-1 diesel with headlights that has a factory-installed sound that produces diesel, horn, and bell noises. The train pulls a complementary caboose as well as three freight cars. No matter what level of experience, this product is great for new modelers as it comes with a “Walthers Getting Started Guide” and operating instructions. 

Walthers even has great starter resources on their website to help anyone who is new to the hobby!

Price: $299.98  USE CODE TRAINS20 for $45 off 

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