Gifts for the college student

Are you looking for gifts for your college student?  Look no further.  Reviewz & Newz will be updating this list daily so be sure and come back.

Power Hub Ultra

Make sure your student is on time and has a fully charged device.  You can charge up to 6 devices with this Power Hub Ultra.

Make sure your student has plenty of snacks for those late-night study groups.  People's Choice Beef Jerky has many gifting options your student is sure to love.

Acell Powermid

Acell Power Cutie

Make sure your student keeps all devices plugged and all charged up with these two items from Acell.  The Powermid comes in black and white and can handle all your electronics even during a power surge.  The Acell Cuties come in a variety of colors and are perfect to keep in your dorm room. 


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