4 Unusual Condiments That'll Give Your Next Sandwich a Flavor Boost

Sandwiches have been enjoyed for so long and by so many different cultures that it's wild to think that most people still go for the classic flavors instead of trying something new. Whether you're packing lunches for work or wanting to try something new at home, it's a good idea to swap out what
Why Change Things Up?

If you're used to the same classic sandwiches, you may feel reluctant to give up what you know in turn for something far less familiar. The important thing to remember is that trying new things is the only way to determine if what you love can be improved upon!

This may mean adding a little kimchi to a fried chicken sandwich or spreading some mango pepper jelly on your next PB&J, but whatever you do- let yourself try something new! Not only does it broaden your world experiences, but it also gives you the chance to be excited and intrigued by something that's usually so normal, like a sandwich.
Kewpie Mayonnaise

Kewpie mayo has been in a kind of renaissance recently, in the same way the sriracha became a common household staple in the mid-2010s. If you like mayo on your sandwiches, you're going to be blown away by the sweet and delicious flavor that Kewpie offers without overpowering any meal.

With a very different flavor from classic American mayonnaise, it adds a tangy-sweet flavor that will leave you excited to go back for another bite!
Mango Pepper Jelly

Why allow your sandwiches to be one-note anymore? Mango pepper jelly is a great ingredient that will elevate your sandwich making into art. From the complex mixture of sweet and spicy, this jelly plays well against almost any kind of sandwich.

Instantly making a classic turkey sandwich into something almost candied and hot at the same time, you'll want to try new sandwich flavor combinations you've never considered before today.
Spunky Kimchi

Kimchi, much like sauerkraut, is popular because of its spunky fermented cabbage: but kimchi takes it further! Adding heat and an assortment of delicious spices and greens ensure that this is a sandwich condiment that adds a nice crisp texture and a variety of complex flavors you couldn't get otherwise.

Best with sandwiches like fried chicken or pork chop sandwiches, it adds a delicious kick that will leave your mouth watering just thinking about it after you've had it on your first sandwich. There's nothing quite like kimchi to make a sandwich into something incredible.

Harissa is a tomato-based sauce made with red pepper, caraway seeds, chiles, and peppers. When toasted together and cooked down into a sauce, it's a delicious paste you can spread on nearly any sandwich.

Going best with veggie-dense sandwiches adds a bit of heat and excitement while also deepening the flavors with a sweet-savory combination between the peppers and the tomatoes. It's something amazing you won't want to ignore!
Try New Things and Up Your Sandwich Game

Your sandwiches don't have to be the same that they've always been! Give yourself the chance to try something new, and surprise your taste buds with fresh additions to a classic favorite.


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