Give the Gift of Prayer

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Give the gift of Prayer this Holiday Season! Let's spread the word about the chance to have prayers said on your behalf while lighting a candle in the Holy Land. What a beautiful and meaningful gift to give this year, your loved ones can send in their own prayers to be said and lit with a candle in the Holy Sepulcher.

We invite you to be a part of Sepulchre Candles’ mission to pray for God’s blessing on mankind and to share the truth and love of Christ.

Every day candles are lit in this holy place which symbolizes Christ’s resurrection from the grave. Each candle is lit with a prayer for a person in need of God’s blessing. Each candle symbolizes the light of Jesus in our world.

Believers and nonbelievers all visit this holy site looking for truth. Let them see the truth of believers around the world putting their hope in Jesus as they look around at a room full of candles representing their faith. This monumental place is truly a witness to the world!


Light a Candle - (this is the experience you got)

7 Day Prayer candle:

Light a candle and have it returned to you in an olive wood box:


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