House Monkey

If you have an active family, or a large family, you have probably encountered some snafus when it comes to managing and organising. Who has to be where, and whose night is it to do the dishes? One minor error and the answer to those might both be Little Johnny. Mom might end up doing dishes at 2 am because it's the only time she has free since Little Johnny was at soccer practice.

With House Monkey, a subscription based service, you can keep track of everyone's comings and goings, schedule chores and even keep track of household tasks all in one place. It even has an optional integrated banana reward system that can help dole out your family's reward of choice. One of the best features, is that you can make "Monkey see, Monkey do" tutorial videos or photos so you know things are being done the right way. Everyone in your "Tribe" can access the app on their phone, tablet or computer to keep track of or schedule their daily chores, schedule, tasks and events through real time updates. So if Little Debbie finds out her choir concert has been canceled, she can remove it from her schedule and the entire family has access instantly to that information. Dad can now make plans to take a client out for tapas on that night.

Another really helpful feature is that you can keep track of appliance and utility maintenance schedules, and scan in documents, receipts, and warranties. I'm a huge believer in warranties, and I always put them up somewhere where I will remember where they are, then when I need them I have to search the house for them.  Not any more. House Monkey is keeping track of them for me. Having a monkey on your back might not be a good thing, but a House Monkey on your phone is a fabulous thing.

Visit the House Monkey website to learn more and for a 30 day free trial to see if House Monkey is right for your family. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. The web based tool is available on Windows and Mac, the mobile app is available on iOS and Android across most smart phones and tablets.
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