New Year? New You!

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  The folks over at Squabbleit know a thing or two about having two sides to every story but when there is only two parties involved, how does the discussion get resolved?. Have you ever wished that you could get an non biased opinion to solve your dispute? Now you can at Squabbleit. You can submit your story, ask and collect your votes then let the community of Squabbleit join in the conversation. Sounds pretty interesting doesn't it? I certainly think so. My children been in some heavy debates over the years and I'll tell ya, I wish that I had this to "squash" their differences. Needless to say, that discussion never did yet properly resolved.   squabb On the Squabbleit website, you can write up your story, collect the votes and when you believe enough votes have been collected, you can close it if you choose. If not, Squabbleit will close it automatically in one week. You can also view the communities input and see what they have decided. Not interested in sharing your stories? No problem! You can still vote and add your comments to each of the members Squabbleit questions. Some of their hot topics that can be seen on the Squabbleit website is Whose Fault?, Sports, Relationships and Spotted. Here is one of Squabbleit questions that you will see on their website. "Have you ever heard of the term "you break it you buy it"? If this happens, I would assume that you get to keep the product you broke, correct? I borrowed a video game that I ended up damaging to the point where the game did not run smoothly anymore. I felt bad, so I bought my friend a new game. When I gave him the new game he wanted his old one back as well even though I just bought him a new one. Should I really have to return the old game?" So what is your thought? Would  you return the old game as well? 


As you see, it''s a great forum for all to enjoy. This website brings the hardship of disagreements with the ease of getting your point across and resolved. Not to mention it's entertaining for some. So with the New Year approaching, it's time to finally get your voices heard, get those questions answered but most of all, start this New Year, New You with a clear mind. For more information about Squabbleit be sure to visit their website. Stay connected with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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