How kids can enjoy outdoor play and nature

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With summertime upon us, it is time to get out of the house and PLAY!  Take the kids to the park, to a river, or to a hiking trail.  Let them see and experience nature while they play.

This is  great for kids and adults, alike  Not only is is good for your physically, it is also good for you mentally.  And, the best part about outdoor play with nature,  it is FREE.

I know my State Park, Magnolia Springs, waives the park fee on Wednesdays.  Many parks across the nation offer a similar discount  You can experience nature on a hiking or walking trail and get in some good play time with the entire family.  

I grew up fishing the Ogeechee River with my grandfather  We are passing that tradition down to our kids by taking them fishing at some of the very same spots my grandfather took me.  This is a fun time to play and enjoy nature  Watch out, you just might catch enough for supper.

There are so many things that you can incorporate nature while you play  We have been birdwatching right here in our own yard.  The kids love seeing all of the birds.  They are learning while they enjoy outdoor play.

We all need to get OFF of our phones and get our minds and bodies in tune with nature.  So, when you are done reading this, turn off your phones, take your kids outside and let them experience nature by going on a walk, a hike, or birdwatching.  The possibilities are endless.  You can see the beauty in nature and play with your kids.  I cannot think of a more enjoyable experience and one that will create memories you and your kids will cherish.

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