How to protect your phone or device with IntelliGlass

IntelliArmor provided me with a code to purchase this product.  All opinions in this post are my own.
Having a screen protector for your phone is paramount to keep it from getting damaged. Having to replace your phone can be very costly, so a screen protector is a definite must have  IntelliArmor has a screen protector for most phones and tablets.

Wash your hands thoroughly before you install your IntelliArmor Screen protector. Before you install your screen protector, MAKE SURE YOUR SCREEN IS CLEAN.  Everything you need to install on your phone or device is included!

Start with a flat surface for optimal results. Make sure you align the IntelliGlass and do not touch the adhesive side when you are removing the adhesive. Once it is aligned, run your fingers from the middle to the outside edges.  If there are any bubble use the squeegee and microfiber cloth  that is included to smooth those out.  Viola, your phone is now protected with the best screen protector on the market.

Once your screen protector is on you can be assured there will be no more smudges and your phones is protected from dings hits.  You know, we all do this once in a while!

Overall, I am very pleased with my IntelliGlass from IntelliArmor.  Get yours today!  Use code INTELLI20 for a 20% discount on your order from IntelliArmor,

This is a sponsored post on behalf of IntelliArmor.

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  1. Suede microfiber cloths have a tight weave but brushed surface that makes them feel soft. The thinner the fibres the higher quality the microfiber, therefore the better cleaning and absorbing ability a cloth will have.