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For anyone looking to find professionals to help them around their home, the search can be long and frustrating. Finding good, quality help seems like an impossible task. That was the issue that 19-year-old college student Osin Hanrahan was having. From this issue, he and a fellow college classmate found a solution to this problem.

Osin had been buying and developing apartments in Eastern Europe. He was having trouble finding quality handymen to help him with his business. A few years later, Osin met Umang Dua while they were both attending Harvard Business School. Umang expressed how he was having the same issues finding quality workers. This is when the idea of was born.

The idea behind is to be the connection between household service professionals and those who need their services. Currently, this website is available in 35 cities located in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The cities are larger in size such as Chicago, London, and Toronto.

The types of services that are provided cover four categories. Those are plumbing, electrical, cleaning, and handyman services. This provides a wide variety and should suit the needs of most people. The wide variety is a definite plus.

The process of scheduling a service seems fairly streamlined. The website states that it takes roughly 60 seconds to complete your transaction. This does seem to be the case as basic information is needed to complete your request. You need to enter what type of service you are requesting, how long you think it should take, and when you need your service done. Before you pay for your service request, a quote is given so you know the exact cost before anything is set in stone.

All professionals that are available through are screened and checked before they are added to the system. All and given a background and identity check. This does give some piece of mind that all employees are worthy and will be reliable. offers a 100% money back guarantee, they have customer service available 24/7, and they state that their rates are affordable. When it came to customer service, it was a bit tough to get in touch with an actual person. There is no phone number listed on their site and to even get closer to getting a phone number to call, you will need to create an account on the site. There is a large frequently asked questions section that does answer most questions and concerns but having a number to call would be nice.

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