BFF: Best Friends For... Parties Of Course!

There is a common misconception that adult parties have to be either completely “bowtie and little black dress” formal, or a roller coaster of cocktails and free spirits that will keep you lying down in bed for the rest of the weekend. In truth, parties can be fun and exciting at all age, and there’s nothing that says that you can’t have amazing game parties as an adult. After all, why should all the fun be reserved to kids? Unfortunately, most adults fall into the trap of formal gatherings and not knowing any better. So maybe you could use this year to start a new trend in town: Create the perfect socialite adult party.  

A toast to a great party!

Get Your Preps Ready

Approach a party like any big project: Sit down and get down to the planning. Make a list of friends to invite, and think about what you want to serve your guests. Savory Shrimp Sliders are, for instance, always a hit at a buffet party, assuming you invite a manageable number of friends! But you can also prepare a pick and mix buffet, with a lot of fresh vegetables, sauces, and a few healthy proteins and leave it to each guest to prepare their plate. For smaller parties, with only a handful of guests, you can get a nice stew ready or a big dish of homemade lasagna that will please everyone! Make sure to have your food planned a few days before the party is due.

What Kind Of Party?

It’s always difficult to decide on a theme, or a good reason if you prefer, for the party. However, you will find plenty of ideas if you take the time to make a list of things you, your friends, and relatives enjoy: From birthday parties to baby showers, there are a lot of occasions throughout the year to come together and have fun. If nothing fits, what is stopping you from throwing a party just for fun?

After The Party

Don’t let the happy memories die once the party is over! Keeping track of your parties via elegant and exciting pictures will definitely attract you a lot of attention on your favorite social media platforms, and especially Instagram and Facebook. Remember: The more you spread the word about the party, the more friends will want to join you next time! Also, it’s good to make your guests feel wanted, with the use of personalized cards to invite them and thank them for their visit.

Make It A New Habit

Finally, parties are special, but they don’t have to be rare: Can you have enough of a good thing? You could start growing a group of friends to organize adult parties with. From a Hollywood themed party to follow the Oscars ceremony to a celebration of love, you will find plenty of occasions to get together and have fun throughout the year. And why not get an agenda ready with a couple of trusted friends to share the organization of a new form of adult fun?


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