How to Get Perfect Picture-Ready Hair

RG Cosmetics’ line of innovative haircare products protect, restore and beautify hair
Enhance your hair’s natural beauty  with RG Cosmetics, an innovative line of haircare products that uses the most up-to-date scientific advances to create unique treatments that help protect, restore and beautify hair. RG Cosmetics works closely with chemists to develop high-quality products that effectively target the core issues that keep hair from looking its best. It helps create hair that’s not just perfect, but perfectly you.
Check out RG Cosmetics’ amazing haircare line and some of their favorite products:

  • Sleek Now Straightening Shampoo: Get straight, lustrous, frizz-free hair in just 20 minutes! This innovative salon treatment is similar to a Brazilian Blowout, however, it does not contain the same harmful ingredients, costs less, and takes much less time, making it a better option for your locks with the same great result.
  • Collagen Collection: Packed with Argan oil and silk amino acids, the Collagen Collection is a unique smoothing line that creates soft and silky hair and moisturizes without creating greasy build-up. Smooth, treat and protect your hair by adding these gems to your beauty routine: the Collagen Shampoo, Collagen Mask, and leave-in Collagen Hair Mist.
  • Keratin X-press: Keep your blowout style looking fresh with this incredible pre-blowout spray, designed to set the stage for superior styling. Made with Keratin and Argan oil, the Keratin X-press spray will provide frizz-control, protect against dullness and harm from frequent heat styling, and leave hair noticeably stronger and smoother.
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RG Cosmetics began in 2009 with a distinct goal: to develop a hair care line that would bring together years of industry knowledge with cutting-edge hair science. Roberta Gomes is the founder and CEO of RG Cosmetics. Her passion and expertise has defined the RG Cosmetics brand philosophy of excellence, innovation, and dedication to quality. Prior to founding her company, Gomes was a professional hair stylist in her native country of Brazil. She has worked for some of the industry's top brands, including L’Oreal, Wella, and Alfaparf.  Now distributed worldwide, the RG Cosmetics product collection makes beautiful, healthy hair a reality for all hair types.

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