Tedious Travel: Getting Through a Long Haul Flight

Booking a trip and getting away from it all every now and again is just what the doctor ordered. And as fun as vacations are, the actual travel part is a different matter. Waiting around at airports and coach stations, scurrying to find transfer buses and everything else is nothing short of stressful. If you have a long haul flight planned for this summer, here are a few things to consider.

Dress in Comfy Clothes
Do you ever look at girls at the airport dressed up to the nines and wonder why on earth they would do that? Looking good is important and dressing to feel good is great, but when you’re sitting in one cramped spot for hours, it makes sense that you’d dress for comfort on this occasion. A pair of leggings with a t-shirt, a loose fitting cardigan and sneakers will allow you to stay comfortable and relax as much as possible. Avoid jeans, blouses and anything else that’s too restrictive. You might think your outfit looks cute when you put it in, but hours into a flight and you can barely move you will soon regret your decision.

Bring Some Skincare Staples
The air on planes is incredibly dry, this is a problem as it leaches your skin of moisture. Do you ever find that after a flight your skin feels dry, sore or irritable? This is the reason why. You don’t have to just deal with problem skin and try and fix it when you arrive at your destination. Taking a couple of products in your in-flight bag can stop the issue before it starts. A clear face mask applied for thirty minutes will hydrate your skin without freaking out the other passengers! Be sure to bring some face wipes so you can remove it. Or just apply a small amount of serum with hyaluronic acid which has excellent moisturizing properties. It takes a couple of minutes to do and could save your skin for the rest of your trip.

Don’t Forget Entertainment
Depending on the flight, you might have some pretty decent in-flight entertainment. However, it’s always worth bringing your own along, especially if you’re in the air for a long time. Even if they’re showing new movies, they’re not likely to all appeal to you (and you might not want to watch them consecutively). Download a series you’ve really been wanting to watch to your tablet or phone, which is sure to keep you busy for hours on end. Since many flights now have USB ports, you don’t have to worry about the battery life and can busy yourself with whatever you’re doing. A really addictive game or a good book are also great ways to kill time.

Pack Some Snacks!

Airplane food is pretty grim if you’re a fussy eater you might be best bringing some food along yourself. Most things are permitted provided they don’t contain more than 100mls of liquid (i.e., soups and saucy dishes). Some sandwiches and other easy to eat lunchtime snacks will do the trick.

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