A Master Class In The Tough Art Of Cooking Meat

Cooking meat is a tough art to master. Veg takes care of itself, but a meat dish is a labor of love. From ribs to steak, the methods are much the same. All you need do is bare in mind a few simple steps to ensure your meat is as good as can be. Quality aside, there’s a more serious reason to perfect your meat cooking game. Meat products carry the most risk of any food you could work with. As such, cooking it well is a matter of safety. The good news is, we’ve got you covered with this list of must-follow meat prep steps.


Having separate gear on which to prepare your meat is essential. Professional kitchens have designated equipment for different foodstuffs and you should too. If you chop meat and veg on the same board, you open yourself to a world of trouble. Don’t take the risk.

When buying your meat board, consider options which will be easy to clean. The smallest speck of bacteria could cause major illness. As such, plastic options are your best bet. There’s no grain for bacteria to hide in, and you’ll be able to clean without worry.

Think, too, about what you’ll be cutting with. Blunt knives would rip rather than cut. Obviously, that’s not what you want. It’s worth turning to pros here, too. Chef knives like those reviewed by Cut It Fine are sure to serve you well. Reviews are fantastic because they specify the strengths of each option. It’s a fast way to find the right fit. You’ll also want to keep those knives sharp as possible, so invest in a blade sharpener. Get into the habit of using this whenever you feel the need.


Making a meat dish isn’t as simple as getting it out of the fridge ten minutes before dinner. The work should start the night before. Making your marinade early and letting the meat soak is the best way to achieve a great flavor. It’s also a sure way to make your meat tender. All you need do is cut nicks into the meat and refrigerate it and the marinade in an airtight container. While this step isn’t essential for a fantastic dish, it’s sure to add something special.


When the time comes to cook, it’s hard to know the right way. Some recommend high heat to develop flavor, while others swear low heat preserves moisture. It’s a minefield. In truth, it all depends on what you’re cooking. A steak, for example, is best cooked fast and high. Here, you’re searing the outside rather than cooking. For a larger piece of meat, like a leg of lamb, slow is your best bet. You want this to be so tender it falls off the bone, and you aren’t going to get that with high heat. Don’t worry; the more meat you cook, the more understanding you’ll have of which method to use.

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