Unique Party Ideas

Planning birthday parties can be so challenging! You have to come up with a unique theme, send out invitations, buy decorations, figure out food options, put together the party, host the party, clean up the party, and more. If not ‘hard,’ it is definitely time consuming. Nowadays, kids have the most elaborate and creative parties! Everyone is coming up with new, unique parties and the pressure is on when it’s your turn to host. I know what it’s like to have that pressure on me, so I wanted to help you all out and give you a few creative party ideas!

  • Rock Star Party
A rock star party would be a blast for any kid (or adult) that loves to perform! There are so many ways you can incorporate this theme into a party, but some of my favorite ideas are to set up a red carpet for all of the kids to walk when they arrive, make a stage and put on performances, make VIP passes for all of the kids, give out pop rocks or rock candy as a favor, create cute star decorations, and for invitations, make concert passes. If you put on performances, a bonus (if you can do it) would be to record all of the songs sung by the kids and create a CD at the end of the party with all of their songs on it. You could double this as a favor, or just add it along with the rock candy or pop rocks favor. An amazing gift for this party would be a guitar or set of drums!

  • Hawaiian Luau Party
Who doesn’t love Lilo and Stitch?! Creating a luau is fun for all ages and both genders. The best part about a Hawaiian themed party is that it is easy to do! A lot of decorations can just be flowers and food items. For example, if you have cards to label your food options, you can put them on floral paper to stay with the theme. Some of my other favorite ideas are creating easy grass skirts, making Hawaiian chicken kabobs, drinking out of coconuts and maybe even having the party by the pool! There are so many ideas for a Hawaiian Luau party and you cannot go wrong, no matter what you end up doing. A great gift idea for a Hawaiian Luau party would be a trip to Hawaii - can you beat that?!

  • Art party
An art party is a great way to have a traditional party, but there are a lot of ways to put a spin on it. For one, hiring a painter to actually live paint the party is an amazing, fun idea that the kids would love! If you don’t like the idea of hiring a painter for that purpose, you could also hire a caricature drawer so that all of the kids could take home their own caricature. If you don’t want to spend that much money, you can always just set up art stations for the kids. An example of this would be a tie dye shirt station, a painting station, and other creative stations! A great gift idea for an art party would be art classes, or a lot of art supplies.

  • Ninja Party
Calling all the ninjas! This is an amazing idea for all of those kiddos that love ninjas, self defense classes and even the show American Ninja Warrior. A few great ideas for a ninja party would be black belts, ninja balloons and maybe even an ANW course. A great gift idea for the ninja lover would definitely be a ninja sword! You may be wondering where to get one of these, but fear not, I have your solution. Swords of Northshire sells samurai swords, ninja swords, knives, custom swords and accessories. According to them, their “goal is to exceed your expectations, and in turn, create a new standard for the sword industry.” Their highest priority is customer service and they prove that with their contact information, offering live chat, email and phone. Also their shipping and return policies are amazing. They allow free shipping and 100% money guarantee back if you are not satisfied. On their website, there is a variety of hand forged weapons that are battle ready and even some that are collector’s replicas, so they are most definitely works of art. Choose an amazing sword from Swords of Northshire and have it framed to keep as a keepsake for years to come.

Planning birthday parties can be challenging, but hopefully this short list helps relieve some of your stress. Do you have any unique party ideas?

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