Actual Male Style Trends You Won't Believe

Did you know that male grooming is now a 50bn dollar industry? That’s crazy and closely rivals the hair and beauty industry for women. It’s not surprising though because with every passing year the rules change a little more. The double standard where women have to be well groomed and guys can look a mess is slowly going out of the window...sort of. Actually, there are some rather weird male grooming trends in the fashion world right now that are downright odd. But there are others that you might be a lot more interested in, particularly if you’re tired of your man’s skin feeling like sandpaper or a well worn out carpet. So, without further ado let’s look at some of the weird and wonderful trends shaping the male grooming and style scene this year.

Looking Dirty Is Sexy?

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Apparently so, according to, male models have been sporting a rather odd look this year. They have walked the runway with dirty faces and it’s exactly as peculiar as it sounds. The male models had weird stained cheeks that looked like they had been down in the coal mines. Oddly enough that’s exactly the appearance designers were opting for and it wasn’t the only weird part of this fashion trend.

The models were also sporting greasy, oily, slick hair that looked very much like they hadn’t washed it in days. Actually, it had been carefully groomed to appear this way with a range of natural oils. So what exactly were the stylists trying to convey? Supposedly, the look is of a guy who has worked all day and clubbed all night. It’s oddly familiar to the weird Japanese trend from last year where people were trying to look both sleep deprived and hungover.

Clean Shaven In More Ways Than One?

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There are plenty of girls who prefer guys that are clean shaven and look like they have just hopped out of the shower. Their hair should be immaculate, and they should be sporting a look of someone who has both youth and vigor. But what about taking things one step further. Should guys shave other parts of their bodies? Should men shave legs via Believe it or not, this trend is growing in popularity and not just for Olympic swimmers who want to be a little faster in the pool. In fact, nearly half of the male population engage in some sort of leg grooming. Why? Well, it’s purely for aesthetic purposes. Some guys don’t like their legs looking too hairy, and some girls feel exactly the same way. We could definitely get on board with this fashion trend.

Winter Is Here

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You may have heard about how certain baby names have grown in popularity since Game Of Thrones became an international phenomenon. Personally, we hope somewhere someone has been brave or humorous enough to call their little baby boy Joffrey, but we digress.  What we bet you didn’t know is that the popularity of the show has infected men’s style too. In fact, a lot of men are now favoring longer hair due to the heartthrob hero, Jon Snow. Let’s face it Kit Harrington does pull off the long hair look rather well although we doubt the same could be said for too many other men. Still, if you look around there is a noticeable increase in the number of men that are growing their hair to their shoulders. And it’s not the only change in style.

The beard has also become more popular. Thankfully, we’ve moved passed the obsession with the weirdly long hipster beard. Guys are instead favoring a shorter, shaved and distinguished facial covering. We’d bet good money this is another aspect of style that has come from Winterfell stylists.

A Little Less Muscle

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Finally, men are starting to obsess less about the size of their muscles. It’s true, look around, and you won’t see that many guys who look like they’ve ingested horse steroids anymore. Instead, guys are favoring a less pronounced more subtle build of muscle. This trend has been growing recently, and we think it’s clear that the days of guys who look like clouds are nearly over. Even Dwayne Johnson is starting to reduce his size just a little to fit in with the modern trend.

As you can see then, there are plenty of male style trends to keep up with this year. If you want your boyfriend or husband to stay stylish, you might want to recommend a few of them to him. Just do yourself a favor and avoid the weird dirty face look fashion trend.

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