Virtual Reality in Real Estate

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If you have ever been on the hunt for a new home,you know the the house never looks like it did in the pictures of the listing. With  today's technology, looking at  real estate can be done with VR (Virtual Reality) . VR Real Estate is a hot, new and efficient way for real estate agents to further involve potential  buyers with a reality trip, literally.

Imagine having a new building you want to check on as a buyer/owner, you can log in to your app and put your VR goggles on and see what is going on.  Has the contractor put in that new tub you picked out?  What does the kitchen look like since the cabinets have been installed?  All these questions can be answered by taking a virtual tour of your property.  And, this can go the other way, too, if you want to sell your property.  Prospective buyers can tour your home in VR before they ever step foot in the door.  I think this would weed out the buyers that were not serious about purchasing and get you in touch with buyers that were truly interested in buying your home. 

With the real estate market so closely tied to our economy and how we spend money, I think real estate VR is the perfect tool. Agents will be able to show the property more and more buyers will get to see  so many more homes before making that huge financial obligation.  Being able to virtually tour a home before I spend my time seeing it in person, would have saved me TONS of time the last time I purchased a home.

According to Forbes, this is the future of real estate.  And, I think it is great.  I think it gives all parties involved a fresh new perspective on buying and selling real estate.  Being able to view that home privately takes the pressure off of a potential buyer.  If you see something you like, you can call your agent to schedule an in person showing,  New home buyers can check in on their new builds to see the progress.  If you are touring a home via VR and see an ugly staircase, and that is a deal breaker, then you have saved yourself and your agent some valuable time by eliminating that home from your virtual list. 

I think this is a dream come true for real estate agents.  You can set up viewing a home using VR and reach more clients.  Getting that home on the market faster, puts money in your pockets faster. Check out Render 3DQuickly for help in all your VR real estate needs.

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