How shopping lists on the go save you time

Do you make a shopping list on the go? If so, do you use an app on your phone? I use Out of Milk and it really helps me a lot. I can keep up with what I have in my pantry, share shopping lists, make to do list and shop what is on sale in my area. This saves me TIME. We only have so much time, so use it wisely. Apps like these make me think, ‘Why didn’t I invent this’ ?
Shopping lists on the go apps are very abundant on Itunes and Google Play Store. Finding the one that best suits your needs as a consumer should not be that hard. A friend was using Out out Milk and I immediately started making my lists and telling others about it. If I want to know how much paprika I use, I can find out by a simple swipe in the app. This type of technology is made possible by ad hoc reporting software.

Ad hoc is Latin for “as the occasion requires” . Those swipes I make while using the Out of Milk app are analyzed and stored, so when I type in my list that I need to buy paprika, it tells me how much paprika I have left, the last time I bought any, where I am going to to get the best deal on paprika. All this information has already been aggregated for me using self service reporting.
As a consumer, this is a huge benefit for me. I may not even need paprika and would have made an unnecessary purchase. I can save that money or use it to buy something that I know I need weekly, like milk. Being able to get that information has saved me time and money.
With the holiday season wrapping up, I know I have made tons of lists. Keeping up with everything I have done and everything I need to, according to my lists, has become so much easier. I work, I have kids, kids are in school, kids play sports, so you can see that I would have TONS of lists to make. Having an app like Out of Milk has been a lifesaver for me.
Being able to keep up with the things I need to do or purchase has saved me so much time. Whether it be the Holidays or any other day, this gives me more time with the most important thing in my life, my family.

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