Why you need a personal injury attorney

Have you ever been in a car accident and had injuries?  I have and the injuries were not the only pain I faced.  I had thousands of dollars in medical bills, I lost time away from my job due to injuries, and my car was totaled.  Times like these are when we find ourselves most vulnerable when it comes to insurance companies. 

While you need to be concentrating on healing, all those worries about your medical bills and the fact that you have no car are swirling in your head.  The best advice I can give you is to hire a personal injury attorney tampa.  The sooner you retain counsel, the better outcome for you!

Some of the best advice my attorney gave was document, document,document.  I cannot stress this enough! Get a folder and put EVERYTHING related to your accident in it.  Whether it be medical bills or witnesses to the accident, put all information that is pertinent  in that folder. You will thank me for this bit of advice. 

Having proper documentation saves you and your attorney time and can get your case settled and your medical bills paid..  Always make sure you have a copy of your insurance policies in your safe deposit box.  If the accident was caused by someone else, make sure to get the insurance information from them or the police report.

Once you have retained counsel, do not speak to anyone other than your attorney about the case.  If anyone calls you abut the accident, tell them you have retained an attorney and they should direct all inquiries to your attorney.  You might hurt your chances of recovering any losses if you do otherwise.  Your attorney is there to advise you of legalities, so make sure you have given them all the pertinent information.

Having been the victim of a drunk driver, personal injury attorney was wonderful.  He was able to help me recover all the money for medical bills,lost time at work, prescriptions, the loss of my car, a rental car and much,much more.    I could not do all of this on my own. This is why choosing the right attorney is key. 

One last piece of advice, hire an attorney quick!  Ask friends for recommendations, ask family, but make sure you are comfortable with your attorney before you retain him or her to represent you. Please act quickly and do not settle with any insurance company or individual without the advice of your attorney.

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