Stocking Filler Ideas for the Whole Family

The easiest gifts to buy over the Christmas holidays is arguably stocking fillers. They’re cheap, cheerful and a lot of fun to play around with (most of the time, anyway). To help you fill up the stockings this year, we’ve put together a gift guide with some fantastic stocking fillers for everyone in your family.
For Him Stocking fillers for guys are easy if you know their interests. From little bits of DIY to electronics and gag chocolates and sweets, there’s so much to pick from that you might find it hard to pick from all the choice! If he’s quite the tech enthusiast, then there are plenty of handy technology gifts that can be bought for $50 or less. The Amazon Echo Dot is a superb piece of home technology that’s only $29.99 right now and transforms your home into a smart one. If he’s quite the gamer, then there are plenty of retro consoles that you can buy so they can indulge in their gaming joys of the past. If they’re more of a modern gamer, then there are plenty of games and digital download codes that you can purchase in most electronic stores that easily fit into a stocking. If you’re not entirely sure of his interests, then why not some snacks? Gag snacks such as spicy chocolates or foreign snacks are usually great hits with the guys as well. For Her Girly gifts are fun to pick. From flavoured lip balms to novelty makeup sets, there are plenty of cheap gifts to help you fill up those stockings. If your recipient is expecting a child soon, then check out these brilliant festive maternity shirts. Personalised gifts are always a hit and they show your recipient that you’ve been thinking about them and their situation. Spa gifts are also great for someone that you know’s been having a rough year. Treat her to some bath bombs, a therapy pack or even a gift card to a local spa. There are endless opportunities to be had when it comes to rest and relaxation, and they’re usually all fantastic value gifts that can be had at low prices. Of course, if you’re running out of ideas then luxury chocolates are always a great option that will never fail to please! For Kids Kids love to play, so get them something small and fun. Mini gadgets like ball mazes and small drones will be a great hit this holiday season, and virtual pets  are coming back in style. While this older technology isn’t as exciting as smartphone apps and games, they’re definitely fun and interesting enough to amuse your kids while being cheap enough to buy several of them. And of course, kids love their sweets. Getting larger versions of their favourite sweets or treating them to something they’ve not tried before will both be an exciting time. Just remember to watch their teeth–you don’t want them to head to the dentist first thing after Christmas!

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