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3 Companies That Offer Superb Customer Service

I am very loyal to businesses that offer superb customer service. Whether it be a local business or a national chain, great customer service is so hard to find.  I am going to share some of my personal favorites.

As far as grocery chains go, Kroger has THE BEST customer service ever.  I have always found everyone in the store to be very helpful.  If a product is out of stock on the shelf,  you can actually get an employee to check the back room.  I know, I know, every store is supposed to do this, but Kroger has,by far, been the best.  The people in the deli area are always so kind and helpful, too.  My son wanted a cookie while he was there with me, so they gave him one for FREE. SCORE!    I am an avid coupon user and I have never had any issues with redeeming my coupons at Kroger.  And,they offer a digital coupon each Friday for a free product.  I could go on and on about Kroger.  This is the model every business should try and copy.

My online shopping experience with Amazon has been superb.  I have been an Amazon Prime member for years.  My autistic son ordered about $150 in movies one day and all it took was a phone call to Amazon to get the charges removed and they helped me password protect my purchased with a unique PIN so that would not happen again.  Any time I have issues with a product, I call and it is taken care of promptly.   Whether I need a refund or product replacement, Amazon has always been very customer oriented.  This is why I order from Amazon and continue to keep my Prime account.

I would say the best overall customer service comes from my local pharmacy. It is not part of a national chain, it is owned by people right here in my small rural town in Georgia.  They say to shop local, so these are the people I trust to dispense medicines for my family.  Not only will the pharmacist fill a prescription after hours or on weekends, he will deliver it to your home.  Now, that is what I call great customer service.  When you or your child is sick, this is when you need people like this in your life.

These are my top three choices from my own personal experiences. Kroger, Amazon, and my local pharmacy have always given me superb customer service. That is the number one reason I will continue to spend my money with them.

I have had more than my share of horrible customer service experiences from online retailers, as well as in store.  I will continue to patronize those that I think go above and beyond to provide  me superb customer service.  I am curious to know, what businesses provide you with the best customer service?  Let me know in the comments.


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