Kalu Yala: The World's Most Sustainable Modern Village

Have you ever been to Kalu Yala?  I have been reading a lot about it and I am considering it. Off-the-grid. Powered by the tropical sun. Meals from our food forest. Jungle orchestras. Sleeping hammocks. And a negative carbon footprint. This is not what you’re used to and that’s the idea. Currently accessible only by two miles of rough dirt road, our valley is located 50 minutes from downtown Panama City and 35 minutes from the international airport. On this tropical frontier, a settlement is being established with plans to grow into a thriving town.

At Kalu Yala,they are in the process of building the world's most sustainable modern village nestled in the Panamanian rain forest in an ecologically-responsible way. Within the Institute, programs take place in two venues: creating the town's foundation in Kalu Yala, and developing relationships in our neighboring town of San Miguel. All programs will participate in a outdoor valley-based seminar each Monday on the Foundations of Innovation, Creativity, and Sustainability, and many interdisciplinary and cultural programming with be offered. Many programs will collaborate with and learn from Panamanian contacts in various academic fields and esteemed institutions.

If you are truly interested in roughing it, Kalu Yala is for you!  That is the truth about Kalu Yala.   A lot of post-graduate students have gone and had great experiences. You study abroad in Panama.  If you check with your college or university, there is a strong possibility you can get credit for this. 

The only problems with Kalu Yala I see are there are more people applying, than actually get to go.  This is true with most programs like this.  So, have all your ducks in a row when you apply!  
As with any program, there is Kalu Yala criticism.  Kalu Yala has 99% positive review rate.  In my book, that is wonderful.   But, with Kalu Yala being a relatively new experience and new program, they are working out any kinks.

I think this would be an exciting adventure for anyone.  I have always wanted to live off-grid and experience the jungles of Panama. I think it would be a fun and definitely an educational experience.  When you are out there helping to build a town,you learn a lot about your self.  I think sometimes we do not travel for the benefit of seeing  beautiful scenery, we travel to find ourselves. The stunning scenery is an added bonus.

Bottom line, the truth about Kalu Yala is you have to check out sources to see if it is a fit for you.  You make the choice to go.  

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