Luxe Travel, Minimal Budget: Can It Be Done?


The travel industry likes to suggest in their adverts and marketing that you can get all the benefits of a high-end luxury trip without paying full price for it. However, before you book your next break you need to ask the question, can luxury travel really be done on a minimal budget? Read on to find out more.

Yes - accommodation bookings

One way that you can indeed minimize the cost of your luxury vacation is to play the booking system. This can be done in a number of ways.

The first is to be aware of timings and how this affects prices. For example, booking very early (over 1 year in advance) often comes with huge discounts as travel agents are keen to get the first wave of rooms sold. Similarly, leaving your booking until just before you go can also mean you can save a considerable amount on the price. It also gives you the chance to save up money to pay the vacation off in full as well.

In addition, some providers market themselves as luxe but charge a lower rate, consult these for the 5-star treatment at a 3-star price. Something that you can further enhance the savings on if you don't mind not knowing where you will be staying until you arrive. 

Good discounts can often be found on luxe hotels.

No - prices don't fall below a certain amount

The thing is though, that luxe vacations no matter when you book them are very unlikely to fall under a certain limit. This is because providers know what they are worth and what their profit margins are. This means they won't discount so heavily that the will lose money.

They also know that there will nearly always be someone to fill that space, even if they do leave it until the last minute. Something that can also stop the prices falling super low too.

Yes - plane tickets

Air travel is a major and often the most costly part of a vacation, and many people choose to book this separately to their accommodation. Luckily, if you know the system, this is also an area that you can save large amounts on.

Firstly, make sure that you know when the airline that you want to travel with releases their tickets during the year. Plane tickets are often priced on a demand basis, so when they are first released, and there are lots the price is a lot lower.

Also, don't discount chartering a private jet for shorter journeys, as surprisingly they don't always cost as much as you'd think. Something that you can find more info about by clicking the link. Just remember to ask for the 75% discount on empty leg seats. Otherwise, the cost may seem totally out of your price range!

No - living costs will be the same

It is also worth bearing in mind, however, that luxe destinations are full of high-end restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. Something that means the cost of living when you get there will still be high. With that in mind, it can still be pricey to vacation in that area even if you do get discounts on flights and accommodation.

In conclusion, you can certainly travel for less than full price on a luxe vacation. However, you will still end up paying a significant amount, so you just need to work out whether it's worth it for the high-end experience. 

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