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Customer Onboarding

First impressions are important in the business model of SaaS(Software as a Solution) world.   When you are trying to gain new customers in your SaaS  business, that first impression on showing how YOUR product works and how it can benefit THAT customer is key to getting that customers business and keeping it.

You must have the right people, customer oriented people, in this process. I am going to equate this to buying a car for the average person to understand. You ultimately want a customer leaving with a vehicle  they can afford.  As a salesman, you have let them test drive, told them about all the features of the car.  You have to be that person tha the customer tutss.  You have to have THAT personality, and not everyone has it. You want your customer walking out the door with a set of new keys in their hand and you know you have been successful.

In the SaaS world, things are very similar.  You onboard that customer with free trials or demos of your products.  You show them what that software can do for their business.  You show them all the features and bells and whistles.   Most customers want to know what others think about the product being sold.  That is where reviews and testimonials come in.

Now that you have that customer, it does not stop there.  Customers are looking for service after the sale.  What are you going to continuously do or offer to make sure that customer does not leave after that trial or demo.?

Superb customer service is key to customer retention.  Yes, you have to have a superb product and tell the customer how the products benefit them, give them reports, data,  specific and detailed reports on each aspect for that particular customer.  That sounds like a lot and it is.  But, getting and keep a customer is what you want.  You want that customer to keep working with your company and not jumping ship  because of a free trail or better demo that what yours offers.

It is a difficult decision to buy software as a service (SaaS) because there is so much competition out there.  You make sure your customer knows how this will make your customer successful in their business ventures ans what they can expect to gain in buying your SaaS.  You must be able to provide product usage analytics so your customer can see the real numbers.


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