Tips for Choosing a Lawyer

If you had to get a lawyer today, what would you do?  I am going to give you a few tips about picking the right lawyer for you and your particular situation.

First,you have to decide what type lawyer you need.  Not all lawyers handle certain types of cases.  If you want to make a last will and testament, you don't need to call a lawyer that handles criminal matters. . Usually, lawyers only handle specific types of cases. Family law(divorce, child custody, wills) criminal lawyers( when you have been charged with a crime) , bankruptcy lawyers, personal injury lawyers,  and many more.  You have to determine your need and then start the process.

I would normally say look in the yellow pages, but in today's times, I will say let Google be your friend.  Search for the type lawyer you need in your area.  For instance, you may need to file for divorce so you would search for divorce attorneys in your area.  If you live in New York, it would not be feasible to call a lawyer in Utah, because more than likely, that lawyer in Utah cannot practice law in New York.  Makes sense, huh? You need a lawyer that can practice law in your jurisdiction.

If you need something simple done like a will, I would say go with someone local,  Ask friends for recommendations.  The best advice I can give you about hiring any lawyer is to shop around!  Yes, I said shop. A lawyer is providing a professional service to you and you are spending your money, so make sure you are getting what you pay for.

Some lawyers will have a free consultation and some charge a fee for consultation. Sometimes, if they charge a fee for consultation, and you decide to retain that lawyer, they will put the consultation fee towards the retainer fee..  Make sure you know what types of fees, if any, you will have to pay for the consultation.

No matter what type of lawyer you need, they need documentation.  If you are getting a divorce, you need information for your case such as, social security numbers, marriage certificates, financial documents.  Your lawyer will tell you what they need to proceed with your case and it is imperative that you have these documents, so you have have the outcome you so desire.

Another resource for finding a lawyer is to search an online directory.  You might find what you need in the Lawyers of Distinction. I hope you can find the right lawyer for your needs,  If you have any advice, please share in the comments.

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