How to find the best lawyer

Usually if you need a lawyer, you need one quick.  So, where do you look for a lawyer?

You can ask friends and family for suggestions.  I have found this is the most reliable method to obtaining the right lawyer for you.  But, if it is a private matter you wish to NOT discuss with family and friends, there are other ways to find a lawyer.


I would use Google to find a lawyer.  I would search for they type of lawyer I needed, (family law, DUI, Personal Injury,etc.) and a location.  Now, I know locally might not bring a lot of sear results, so you can use the next largest city to where you live and go from there.  Be sure and check out the Google reviews people have left, so you can make an informed decision. You can search Lawyers of Distinction, too. You can find out a lot about an attorney.


 We are now in the digital age, so a lot of law firms and private attorneys have Facebook pages.  Again, make sure to find the right lawyer for your needs.  Type in the search bar the keywords lawyer and family law, if that is what you need.  You may need a DUI lawyer, so make sure to refine your search accordingly. Lawyers of Distinction is always a god place to look and find out more information about a lawyer.


Go to the library and research.  Again, you will have to look through journals or magazines related tot he legal world, and look for the type of lawyer you  need.  There will be a plethora of information.

When you find the lawyer you need, call and set up an appointment.  Some attorneys take walk in clients, but I would most definitely call ahead to make sure I could s be seen before taking that route.
Some lawyers will give you a free consultation.  That is a great things, too.  You may find out that this lawyer will not be able to handle your case or maybe you just don't mesh with him/her well.  You can always check out another lawyer.

Some lawyers charge a consultation fee.  Usually, it is a small fee.  Make sure you ask when you make the appointment.   Usually a lawyer will let the consultation fee be taken off the retainer fee, if you choose to retain.  Make sure to discuss all options before you retain an attorney.  You want the best lawyer for the case you have, right? Make sure to do your research!

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