As a blogger I have a few options when it comes to photography.  I can use stock photos or take my own.   I can buy photos or I can use photos with or without attribution.  Photography for my blog is an important aspect, so I am glad I have the different choices.  I do not always have time to shoot.   Or maybe the article just calls for something as simple as a computer.  That is when I use stock photography.

Being a photographer can be a very lucrative business.   Whether it be to photograph people for special events like weddings, school, graduation, you can find a great photographer.  Often their services are on location.  There are many time a photographer wants you to come in studio because they have a specific background or props they want to use.  Check out Summit Shah.  He has some great photography and tips.

 A photographer does not always photograph people. They are asked to photograph buildings, cars, nature; the possibilities are endless. I recently viewed a home for sale that used drone photography to show you the property.  That was pretty neat.

Being a photographer means you have to have more than just a camera.  You need many different lens, lighting, props,backgrounds, etc.   Most prominent photographers have  a website so they can share their portfolio of pictures and so they can showcase their style.

Different photographers charge different prices for their photographs.  For instance, if  they are shooting graduation picture, you most always get a package deal.  After all, they will be at graduation ceremony and can offer you a great deal on pictures since they will be doing multiples at one given location.   But, if you hire a photographer for your wedding,you need to sit down and have a conversation about pricing and deliverables.  I highly suggest a contract for the both photographer and the person paying for the wedding pictures to avoid any confusion.

 I know when I use a stock photo service, I can either download for free with or without attribution or I can pay a yearly or monthly fee to access thousands of photos and use at my discretion.  Just make sure you read the fine print about the number of photos you can use  attribution of the photos..

If photography is something that interests you, start taking pictures and building a portfolio.  You can make money with photography!

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