6 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do (Number 4 Will Shock You)

When it comes to your kids, it’s so tempting to wrap them up in cotton wool and never let them do anything that they really want to do. You want to help them through life as best you can, and that’s understandable. However, wrapping them up in cotton wool can actually harm them more than help them. You could stunt their development, and they might be scared of doing things that are totally normal for kids.

With that in mind, here are 6 dangerous things that you should let your kids do:

1.    Stick Their Arm Out Of The Car Window
We’ve all stuck our arms out of the car window at one time or another, haven’t we? Let your kids stick their arms out of the car window and they might actually learn a thing or too. They’ll notice how the wind carries their arm and how it feels as the car moves. It’s highly unlikely they’ll hit something - and they’ve got eyes to see if something is going to be coming in the same direction, anyway.

2. Use A Bow And Arrow
Using a bow and arrow has become a popular past time for kids who are fans of the Hunger Games trilogy and similar stories, however, it can be scary for parents. This is actually a great hobby, as kids learn coordination and improve and build skills that could help them to survive in the wild.

3. Cook A Meal
While you probably shouldn’t leave your kids alone with sharp knives and pans that can set on fire, you can help them to cook a meal that the whole family will eat. This will teach them valuable life skills and give them a great sense of satisfaction.

4. Play With Fire
Letting your kids play with fire can be a crucial part of their development. They need to learn how fire works, and what it can do if misused. You shouldn’t let them loose with a lighter in the house, but you can help them to set a fire outside and teach them a thing or two. Again, this is another useful survival skill that could come in handy at some point.


5. Live Away From Home
You shouldn’t send your child away while they are still very young and need you, as this can hinder their development and cause all kinds of emotional and mental issues. However, sometimes, a stint at a camp or school can help them to improve their social skills and become more independent. This website could give you an idea of the sort of school that your kids could attend. However, make sure you explore your options carefully before you settle.

6. Climb A Tree
Climbing trees is all part of being a kid, so don’t stop them from doing this if they want to give it a try. All of the best kids have experiences of climbing trees. They might get a grazed knee, but that’s what being a kid is all about.

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