Silly String Attack Anyone?!

Thanks goes to Silly String for providing these items for review.
My daughter and I had a blast with this review! We had a Silly String fight with the Glow Blasters we received. Better yet, the Silly String glows in the dark when it is exposed to light. We turned out the lights and it was cool to see the Silly String glowed in the dark. Super affordable and kids of all ages will love this product. So much fun!

I know some adults who would enjoy this as well. With a retail price of under $20 for the Glow Blaster pack (Glow Blaster and 2 cans of Glow Silly String) and the refill cans priced at $3.99 these would make a perfect gift! My overall impression was reasonably priced and a lot of fun. Sometimes the simplest toys can be best kind of toys.

I was particularly excited excited to do this review with my daughter. Who doesn't remember growing up with Silly String? It amazes me how the toys of our youth are still around and better than ever. My daughter had trouble grasping the concept that our Silly String Blasters back in the day didn't light up. She than proceeds to tell me that she is lucky.

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  1. A blaster that shoots Silly String?! My husband and college-aged kids would have a ball with it!