Top Ways To Help Your Travel Anxiety This Summer


If you are a first time traveller this summer or you have always had issues getting on a plane to go on holiday, you are not alone. For many of us, the idea of being on a plane with lots of people can be scary, and it can indeed make it hard for us to cope with travelling at all. Travel anxiety can be down to a number of different things: it could be that you are scared of flying, scared of leaving home, and scared of not being able to come back. But there are many different things that you can do this summer to make that plane ride much easier and to allow you to stay settled and excited for your trip away.

Fly with a friend

If you struggle with travel and you always seem to feel anxious on the plane, the worst thing you can possibly do for yourself is to travel on your own. Make sure when you plan to go away somewhere that you always have someone that you know and trust sitting next to you. Being on a plane with someone that you know will make things much easier for you to cope with the flight because they will be there to support you and tell you that it’s all ok. Even if you don’t have a panic right away, a friend or partner will be able to distract you from the plane by talking to you and playing a game with you. Never travel alone if possible because it will make you feel overwhelmed.

Relaxation techniques

One of the useful skills you can start to learn as you prepare for a flight is relaxation techniques. There are many great ways to relax your body and your mind and now is the perfect time to use these skills to make sure that you don’t pay attention to the plane leaving the ground. You can close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a while and start to imagine that you are entering a happy place. It could be a meadow, a secret garden or even a beach. Imagine yourself in this place and think about everything you can see, hear and smell. Focusing on this will take you away from the present moment and will allow you to truly relax for a while and calm your anxieties. You will be able to keep your eyes closed and stay in your happy place as long as you feel you need to, and only bring yourself back to the present again when you are completely ready to.

Focus on something calm

Another great thing that you can do for yourself when flying is to focus your attention on something which stays calm and unmoving. It could be a bottle of water on your table, the pattern of cushion in front of you or the luggage in the overhead bay. Think of something which isn’t moving and focus on it for a while. This way, your body will feel calm too because you will no longer feel as if you are moving through the sky. You can also think about putting some calming music on if you can or even playing a meditation tape to help you stay calm.

Use a weighted blanket

One of the things which can really be a godsend for those who suffer from anxiety is a weighted blanket. When we are anxious and worked up we often feel unsettled and exposed to the world. Paranoia can set in easily and we can end up feeling completely out of control with our lives and everything in it. A weighted blanket is the perfect calming tool for anyone with anxiety because it gives you the sensation of being hugged and being covered up. You will feel safe and protected and this can allow you to rest and sleep for the duration of the flight. If you are able to sleep this is the best thing for you to do.

Avoid alcohol

Before a flight, a lot of people will suggest to you that you should have a stiff drink or two as a bit of Dutch courage, however this can actually make you feel more paranoid when you get on the plane and take off. The reason for this is that alcohol is a depressant and it slows our reactions, it makes us feel groggy and we can also feel more emotional as a result. If you are already anxious and worried about a flight, a drink might just amplify these fears and make you feel even worse, to a point where you cannot even get on the flight at all. Drink lots of water and vitamin packed fruit juice before a flight to keep your body happy.

Sit at the front

If you are able to afford first class seats, buy them for a flight. When you are in the regular section of a plane you often end up being crammed in next to people you don’t know and this can make for a very stressful flight. If you have social anxiety as well as travel anxiety this will make you feel twice as bad and you will not be able to settle for the duration of the flight. If you are able to buy a first class seat you will be away from the crowds and you will have a much larger seat to yourself. This will allow you to get comfortable and calm yourself which can make your flight much more enjoyable.

Remember your plans

When you get on a flight you can be so distracted by the experience that you forget about where you are going. When you are suffering from anxiety on a plane make sure that you start to remember the reason you are on the plane  in the first place. Maybe you rented out some apartments for yourself and your friends for a few weeks away, maybe you are going for an all-inclusive hotel retreat… remembering your reason for a flight can make the whole experience much more relaxing and you will be able to look forward to what’s in store when you get off the plane. You’ll no longer feel consumed by anxiety because you will know that in a few hours you’ll be off doing whatever you want.

Bring entertainment

Make sure when you get on a plane that you bring something to do. You can bring your favourite book, a sketchbook to draw in or even a pack of cards to play with your partner. You can also think about watching one of the in-flight movies to keep your mind occupied throughout the flight. If you are able to do something that you enjoy on the plane this is the ideal way to combat those feelings of anxiety and stress.

Talk to someone

If you are trying all of the things above and you still seem to be panicking at the thought of getting onto a flight, it might just be that you need to air your issues to someone else. Go to your local doctors and talk to them about your problems. Let them know what feelings you are having and what you think is causing these feelings. A doctor will always be able to help you along the way with your stress and they might even be able to refer you to a counsellor to get some proper treatment for your anxiety. This way you will be able to truly be happy and finally get on a flight in peace.


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