Top 5 Holiday Ham Recipes - It's All In How You Slice & Dice It

Learn how to prepare the ULTIMATE ham recipes. If it's for a traditional Sunday dinner or for the upcoming Holidays, you will enjoy these holiday ham recipes:

With millions of glazed recipes out there, this recipe is a popular holiday fave. This recipe can be served with bean soup or traditional sides. What's unique about this recipe is what most of us love, RUM! There are healthy spices rubbed on top to create magic. Are you ready to bring a dish of love to your family gathering? Click below for the recipe and enjoy!

Most hams are cooked in an oven, but not this ham. You can simply add this ham to your slow cooker and let the cooker do the work. The tang from the apple cider along with smoked paprika will combine natural flavors along with honey for a nice glaze. This recipe fits nicely for someone that doesn't have time to slave in the kitchen, yet in 6 hours, your ham is perfectly done and ready to slice. Click the link for the recipe:

Do you love Jamaican jerk dishes with a hint of spicy and jamming flavors? If so, this recipe will spark questions in whether this was prepared on a Caribbean Island with a side of Jamaican rice and beans or if this was prepared in the comfort of your own home. The pineapple secures the entire flavor and acts as a simple glaze. If you're ready for the ultimate compliment and ready to jam on, click the link for the recipe. This recipe will have people jerkin':

This table centerpiece will have guests admiring the colors along with multitudes of medley vegetables. With the combination of apricots and mustard, the hint of sweet and sour together makes a happy holiday meal. Skip the table flowers. With red beet radishes, carrots, and baby potatoes, no extra decorations are needed. Simply bring a 5-star restaurant to your own kitchen. For the recipe, click the link:

Why not enjoy a slow-cooked ham with a hint of heat, made for a meal, as a pizza topping, tacos, or in between two slices of bread? This simple recipe only entails 3 ingredients along with cured ham: honey, sriracha, and brown sugar. Kids will enjoy coming home from school and spreading a few slices on a sandwich without mom and dad. The cool thing about this recipe is it being oven-free. You can simply add all ingredients to a slow cooker and let the cooker do the work. For a simple, easy life cooking dish, click the link:

Ready to Start Cooking and Eating?

The simple side of things has never been so easy, with so many hams ready for the fast approaching holidays. Whether you are looking to cook a ham or buy an already prepared ham, this is should be bookmark saved on your browser homepage. There are a vast variety of ham and turkey specials to fit all lifestyles; even if you're on a budget. Just click on "specials" and enjoy the Fall discounts. So, what are you waiting for?



  1. kate g12:44 PM

    I just saved this page in my recipe file. I was trying to decide which to try first, but then looking at the list I'd like to try them all, so I'll start at #1 and work my way down. I have yet to find my 'go to' ham recipe, so I'll keep trying until I find it...hopefully it'll end up being one of these.

  2. I am a fan of ham, lol. I much prefer it to turkey over the holidays. The rum & pineapple recipe sounds really good


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