Adorable Plush Animals from Elly Lu

Elly Lu has provided me with these adorable plush animals in exchange for an honest review.  They are available in two sizes; 15" standard size, which retails for $29 each, and 8" minis, which retails for $18 each.  They also have books with each plush animal as a character.  These books teach emotional awareness and STEM to children age 3 and up, and are available for $10 each.  Each toy comes with a hang-tag booklet that contains information about the product and character. Find the three plushies I received, as well as many other products, for sale in stores or online HERE

First we have Cupcake the Unicorn.  She is white with pink hooves, a golden horn and mint colored mane and tail.  She is filled with natural corn fiber and the colors are made with non-toxic dyes. She has such a sweet face, any child would love her.

Next we have Rainbow the Unicorn.  She is pink with light blue hooves, a golden horn and a rainbow mane and tail.  She is made from organically grown cotton fabrics and is filled with polyfill made from recycled water bottles.  The colors are made with non-toxic dyes and are OCS certified.  Rainbow has been awarded the Mom's Choice Award for Honoring Excellence.

Interesting facts about Unicorns:  Unicorns are well known for their gentleness, goodness and healing abilities.  One of the earliest records of a Unicorn was found in an ancient Greek text that described a one-horned horse-like animal that was spotted in India.  How cool is that?

Last, but not least, we have Tug the Tiger.  He has an orange body with black stripes, detailed paws and a big, happy smile on his face. He is made with organic cotton fabrics and filled with a polyfill made from recycled water bottles. The colors are made with non-toxic dyes and are OCS certified.

Interesting fact about tigers: Every tiger in the world is unique. No two tigers have the same pattern of stripes!

Elly Lu is  a team of parents and credentialed teachers who designed the toys to encourage learning through play time. They also donate a portion of their income to charities that benefit children and protect wildlife. 

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