Chill out with Playfoam

Chill out and open a world of Playfoam® to find a surprise Pal inside this fun-filled 6 pack!
Hidden within each mystery snow globe, a collectible (and totally adorable) animal from the Arctic awaits.
Use Playfoam, the squishy stuff that never dries out, to create everything your Pal needs, again and again!
Collect them all!  

Product Features + Benefits: 
  • Pretend play develops social and communication skills
  • Building with Playfoam encourages creativity and imagination
  • Sculpting again and again develops sensory and fine motor skills
Series Specific Details:
  • Includes 1, 2, 6, or 12 mystery globes: each pod includes Playfoam and a Playfoam Pal
  • Collect them all!
  • Series 3 features 12 arctic Playfoam Pals ]

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