Go Fun Face Makes The Coolest Masks!

Go Fun Face has provided me with these masks in exchange for an honest review.

These masks are the coolest things ever!  They are very comfortable to wear because they are made of durable, washable foam rubber.  So there are no hard edges to dig into your head or face.  And they are not heavy at all, so you can wear them comfortably for hours.  They are available in a variety of animals and colors.  They would be perfect to wear for Halloween parties, festivals, concerts, sports fans, cosplay, Team Mascots, or just to play around.  My children loved wearing the masks and pretending to be the different animals.  The masks are available in the form of a wolf (available in four color choices), panda, bear (available in two color choices), monkey (available in two color choices), lion (available in five color choices), dog, tiger (available in three color choices), shark (available in two color choices), pig, horse (available in two color choices), falcon and dragon (available in four color choices).  

These masks are so unique.  I have never seen any others like them.  I know it's a little early, but I plan to build Halloween costumes around the ones that I received.  You will definitely stand out at any party or event if you wear one of these.  Everyone will want to know where you got them!  The masks are top quality in both appearance and workmanship.  They retail for $22 each and you can purchase them from the Go Fun Face site HERE .


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