Enjoy a family game night with Clack!, Cake Off, Connect the Thoughts and Fruit Punch

Amigo Games has kindly provided me with these games in exchange for an honest review.

This game is called Clack!  It consists of 35 magnetic discs, 1 color die, 1 shape die and illustrated instructions.  The name comes from the sound the discs make when they are stacked.  This is a 2-6 player game and is suitable for ages 5+.  One die has pictures of shapes on it and the other has colors.  To play, you roll the dice to get a color and a shape to search for on the discs.  Then race to grab all of the discs that have that combination of color and shape and stack them up one on top of the other.  In order to win, you must have the highest stack.  Kids love stacking the discs and hearing the Clack!  Clack! retails for $17.99 and you can purchase it HERE

Next we have Fruit Punch.  It has 56 Linen-finish Cards, 1 full sized Banana Squeaker and Illustrated Instructions.  It is a 2-6 player game and is suitable for ages 5+.  The rules of this game are very simple and very easy to learn.  The players flip their card over until someone spots five of the same fruit on the upturned cards.  Then they race to be the first to hit the banana sqeaker so they can collect the cards to win.  My kids really liked this game.  They especially liked racing to hit the banana squeaker.  Fruit Punch retails for $9.99 and you can purchase it HERE

Next we have Cake Off.  It includes 30 linen-finish cards, 4 Washable Stampers, 1 Cake Plate and illustrated instructions.  It is a 3-6 Player game and is suitable for ages 5+. To play, each player chooses a card from their hand and passes it to the next player.  Repeat.  You are trying to get cards that match, giving you 5 of a kind.  When you get 5 of a kind, you get a washable stamp on the back of your hand.  This is a very simple game.  I think children even younger than 5 could easily play it.  Cake Off retails for $12.99 and you can purchase it HERE .

Finally we have Connect The Thoughts.  It includes 80 linen finish cards, 1 bell and illustrated instructions.  There are no "turns" in this game...everyone plays at once.  Players flip over cards searching for matches.  Once they have a line of 5 cards with matches, they ring the bell to win the round.  An alternative way to play is to search for connections instead of matches.  For example, one card has a dog on it and another has a donkey.  These match because they form a connection (they are both animals).  Connect The Thoughts retails for $12.99 and you can purchase it HERE

Amigo Games has given us a copy of Cake Off and Connect The Thoughts to give away to one of our lucky readers.  Stay tuned for the giveaway!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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