Gift Ideas Your Kids Will Love!

I received these products in exchange for an honest review.

Meet Botley the Coding Robot.  He introduces coding to children as young as 5.  With his advanced features, he will grow with your child and be enjoyed for years.  He's ready to use right out of the box, just insert five AAA batteries (not included) and he's ready to go.  You don't need a phone or tablet to use Botley.  You can code him for 80 steps, plus 40 more that you can discover (there are hidden features waiting to be unlocked).  You can program him to do loops, or to go around objects if he encounters them using the Smart Logic feature.  The activity set I received contains 77 pieces.  This includes a remote programmer, coding cards, detachable arms, double sided tiles, interactive obstacles and a starting guide with coding challenges.  Botley teaches early STEM skills and helps promote critical thinking and problem solving.  The suggested retail price for Botley is $79.99, but you can buy him right now for $38.99 HERE .

Next we have Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab.  This is recommended for ages 5 and up.  This is a Toy of The Year Award finalist and is the perfect gift for your little scientist.  From their product description:  "Mysterious Creatures from distant planets have landed on Earth! Use this Super Lab Set to dissolve their Reactor Pods and see which Creatures you'll discover!"  This set comes with two "reactor pods".  Just place one in Super Lab's center chamber, then use the two hydro plungers to send water through the tubes to fill up the chamber.  The water reacts with the reactor pods and when it is done, you can extract the beaker creature that it revealed.  Use the included classification card to see which creature you got.  The Super Lab includes 2 reactor pods, base, 2 hydro plungers, 2 beakers, tongs, stir rod. 2 classification cards, 2 mini posters, experiment guide and a full size poster.  Kids can use the experiment guide to perform other scientific experiments with the lab.  You can purchase additional reactor pods separately.  The suggested retail price for the Super Lab is $24.99 and you can purchase it HERE  
Here we have the Plus-Plus 70 Piece Tube - Basic Mix.  It is recommended for children aged 5-12, but even adults enjoy playing with these.  There's only one shape, shaped like a small puzzle piece, and it comes in assorted colors.  You can fit them together to form so many shapes, you can build practically anything with them.  It is the winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Gold Seal Best Toy Award.  Made from BPA free and phthalate free European plastic.  Suggested retail price is $6.99-$7.99 and you can purchase it HERE .

This game is called Kanoodle Head To Head.  This is a 2 player game recommended for ages 7-adult.  To play, slide a challenge card into the board and place the pieces shown on the card onto your board.  Then try to fit your remaining pieces into the board before you opponent does.  When you think you have your pieces placed correctly, press your Kanoodle button to send your opponent's pieces flying.  You win the round if you have your pieces placed correctly (both players check the arrangement).  If your pieces are not placed  correctly, the other player wins the round.  First player to win 5 rounds wins the game.  This game is small enough to make an excellent take along travel game.  The suggested retail price is $21.99 and you can purchase it HERE

Next we have the Playfoam Pals Snowy Friends.  There are 13 characters in all.  These Playfoam Pals are recommended for ages 5 and up.  There are two containers filled with Playfoam (the squishy stuff that never dries out).  Inside the Playfoam is a surprise polar animal.  Use the Playfoam (over and over) to create a house or anything else your pal needs.  Your child will have hours of fun with this!  The suggested retail price for Playfoam Pals Snowy Friends is $3.99 for a single pack, $7.99 for a 2 pack, $21.99 for a 6 pack and $47.99 for a 12 pack.  You can purchase the 2 pack HERE .   

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